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[S]elling Cookie Muncher R5 [FUD][New RAP Counter][v.1.2][Steal Accounts]
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Cookie Muncher R5 is a ROBLOX account hijacking program.
CMR5 bypasses 2 step authorization btw
This allows for you to transfer limiteds, robux, and etc to other accounts, in other words, giving you access to an account.
CMR5 is like a RAT, but FUD, meaning undetectable, and when the user downloads it, opens roblox, and opens your Stub[Generated Stealer] it will email you the ticket, in which it will allow you to have access to their account.
This is just like AuthHawk, however the cookies last ALOT longer, and I mean ALOT.
This also displays Robux and the Username of the account.
Video of it in action

[Image: 8f33bf04799b975390af96850c9c558b.gif]
To purchase for 12$ via PayPal Only[PRICES WILL CHANGE]! Go to this discord: Click me!
Or you can purchase this with CMR5Pro for 15$
ONLY BUY FROM Widowmaker! ([CMR5 Creator]Sombra♥#7480 on discord)

No Building Stubs For Others
No Posting on V3RMILLION and Vetro
CookieMuncherR5 is HWID whitelisted, meaning it only works on your PC.
hope you buy! Personne n'échappe à mon regard. -Widowmaker-

This was copied from V3RM Heart Hearts
If there is any problems about the post or want me to take it down plz just msg me!
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it is working lol so stop talking a load of bs Heart
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